Testing the Email Campaign Manager (ECM) – Sitecore App Center Error

I don’t have a lot of experience with Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager (ECM) so I installed the most recent version (ECM 2.1) to get started. Everything was looking good after installation but I was unable to send any emails from my development environment and I kept seeing error alerts saying something like “The Sitecore App Center password is not set”.

First of all, I have never used the Sitecore App Center and I don’t think I have access to it even if I wanted to try it out. I was definitely a bit confused as to why the Sitecore App Center had anything to do with the Email Campaign Manager.

It turns out that by default ECM relies on the Sitecore App Center to be configured so that it can use its Message Transfer Agent (MTA). ECM will also attempt to grab all of the necessary SMTP settings from the Sitecore App Center by default.

I didn’t want this at all. I just wanted the ability to test the ECM module by sending out some basic emails in my dev environment. And thankfully you are able to accomplish this by opening your Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Config file and setting the UseLocalMTA attribute to true.

<!--Set it to "true" if you want use the SMTP settings below. You should purchase the right of using the "UseLocalMTA" setting first.-->
<setting name="UseLocalMTA" value="true" />

Next, configure the SMTP settings that are also found in the Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Config file.

I set the following:

<!--SMTP server address (IP)-->
<setting name="SMTP.Server" value="localhost" />

<!--Port number of the SMTP server-->
<setting name="SMTP.Port" value="25" />

The settings above allowed me to use my favourite email testing tool (smtp4dev) to send out emails to localhost on my dev machine that are caught in a catch-all inbox. You may still see the same App Center error but you will be able to successfully send out emails for testing purposes.

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One comment on “Testing the Email Campaign Manager (ECM) – Sitecore App Center Error
  1. Syed Ahsan says:

    Hi Scott,
    Is there any way to hide this message as well ?

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