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Sitecore Social Connected – Issue with Different .NET Cultures

Just a quick post to report an issue I came across while testing the Sitecore Social Connected module (version 2.1). Overall it’s a great module but I ran into an issue that will effect you depending on what .NET culture

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Integrating Sitecore and MS Dynamics Online – A Proof of Concept

Like most projects it’s always a good idea to build a proof of concept that helps you better understand what you are trying to achieve and highlight possible challenges that you may encounter. Since I’m in the early stages of a project

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Programmatically assigning a workflow to a Sitecore item

Recently I wanted to use the Sitecore API to programmatically create a new version of an item and then also set a workflow on that new version. I didn’t expect this to be a difficult task but I ran into

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Problems with Sitecore Wildcard Items and Display Names

While working on the information architecture for an upcoming Sitecore project, I decided upon Sitecore wildcard items as the solution to my problem of sharing content. The general idea for the site is that an item only resides in one

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