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Exploring the Sitecore Social Connected Module – LinkedIn

As a follow up to my post about exploring the Facebook connection via the Sitecore Social Connected Module, I wanted to show what type of user profile data you receive from the LinkedIn connection out-of-the-box. When a visitor uses their

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Search by Email in the Sitecore User Manager

I’m sure I am not alone when I criticize the standard Sitecore user manager tool. It is adequate for basic Sitecore solutions but isn’t able to keep up with more complex implementations that may have many different types of Sitecore

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Unable to add new Sitecore language due to item naming rules

Just a quick post for any Sitecore administrators or users who come across this problem. The issue can occur when attempting to add a new language to your Sitecore solution under the /sitecore/systems/languages node in the content tree. When attempting

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Sitecore Social Connected – Issue with Different .NET Cultures

Just a quick post to report an issue I came across while testing the Sitecore Social Connected module (version 2.1). Overall it’s a great module but I ran into an issue that will effect you depending on what .NET culture

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Exploring the Sitecore Social Connected Module – Facebook

I have gained a lot of experience with user profiles and user registration in Sitecore but I’ve never had the chance to work with the Sitecore Social Connected module. I finally decided to install the module and find out more

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How to Implement a Splash Page in Sitecore

Splash pages are stupid. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop people from asking for them. I would say┬áthat the idea of a splash page has been brought up for every major Sitecore site I have ever built. If possible I try to

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Changing the Sitecore Language Format in the URL

I was recently thinking about an issue I had when I first started working with Sitecore. I live in Canada so the majority of websites are built in English and French which is handled nicely by Sitecore. The problem was

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