Override the SMTP settings in the Sitecore Web.config file

I recently needed to set up some sort of testing mode on a production server for email notifications that are sent from Sitecore. The email notifications are sent via a scheduled task in Sitecore which alerts users that their account

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How Can My Organization Transition to Sitecore MVC?

While many Sitecore developers (or .NET developers for that matter) can see the advantages of using MVC over WebForms, I want to take a moment to step back and look at why it can be so difficult to make the transition to

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Teaching Sitecore: Ensure that items have at least one version

For 2015 I will be focussing a lot of blog posts on Teaching Sitecore. Since there is no freely available version of Sitecore to help developers learn the platform, many new devs are thrown in to the Sitecore world with little

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What is Sitecore.Services.Client?

Sitecore.Services.Client is a new offering found in Sitecore 7.5/8. But what is it? I had no idea so I began by reading the Developer’s Guide on the Sitecore SDN. After reading, I was definitely a bit confused since some of the functionality found in

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New Web.config Settings in Sitecore 8

There are always some Sitecore settings in the Web.config file that are hidden gems. So I broke out my favourite “Diff” tool in order to see what sort of new settings there are in Sitecore 8. For the purpose of

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Exploring the Sitecore Social Connected Module – LinkedIn

As a follow up to my post about exploring the Facebook connection via the Sitecore Social Connected Module, I wanted to show what type of user profile data you receive from the LinkedIn connection out-of-the-box. When a visitor uses their

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Search by Email in the Sitecore User Manager

I’m sure I am not alone when I criticize the standard Sitecore user manager tool. It is adequate for basic Sitecore solutions but isn’t able to keep up with more complex implementations that may have many different types of Sitecore

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